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Confessions-3Dbook.gif Confessions of an Irritable Mother

In Confessions of an Irritable Mother, author Karen Hossink shares candidly her own personal battle – the trials and the triumphs – on the journey toward holiness on which God has been leading her. By God’s grace, you too can come to understand He is using your children and your struggles as a mother to refine you like silver and transform you into the woman He wants you to be.

findingjoy-1.jpg Finding Joy - More Confessions of an Irritable Mother

Join Karen on a journey toward finding joy, as she shares candidly about her mothering struggles and the ways God reveals Himself in the middle of them. Learn to recognize God's presence in the mundane and frustrating moments of your life as Mom and discover that you, too, can find joy.

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Confessions of an Irritable Mother &
Finding Joy: More Confessions of an Irritable Mother