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First things, first. If you're new to this website you may be wondering, Who is this Irritable Mother, anyway? For one, she's me. I'll describe her and you can see if she may be you, too.


Hint . . . Your user name is
"guest" and the password can be found in Karen's book, "Finding Joy".

This irritable mother couldn't wait to have kids. She loves her children dearly and thanks God for them often. However, when her babies turned into toddlers who started talking back and leaving messes around, when her toddlers became children who fought with each other and followed her around with complaints and demands, she began despairing of motherhood. It came to a head one day when she found herself crying out to God, actually questioning His wisdom in giving her children. She wanted to be a good mom, but it seemed to her the only thing she could do was be a failure. She felt like she was letting her kids and God down.

That's the picture of where I was. Have you been there, too? Are you there right now?

God put a desire in me to become a holy woman, to become more like Jesus. And He showed me He's using my children and my struggles as a mother to bring about the change. The story of my journey, and the hope for yours, is what I share in my book “Confessions of an Irritable Mother.”

The help I want to offer you right now is some ideas I have discovered which help me make it through my "irritable moments." I have affectionately called it "The Irritable Mother's Survival Kit" and you may sign up for it here on my homepage.

Karen follows Jesus with a richness, strength and depth that flow out
as a blessing to those around her.
Pastor Brad Mitchell, The River Church, Liberty Township, Ohio

But what about the joy?

I found out God wasn't finished when He revealed to me how He's using my children to transform me. God showed me, while I can have hope for the future because of the work He's doing, I can also have joy in the present because He is with me in every moment – even the frustrating ones. I have shared these stories of joy and the lessons I am learning in my devotional for moms, Finding Joy.

And if you're here to get the extra devotions, you may sign up for them above.

I am so glad you visited my website. Please spend some time looking around. Watch the video clips. Listen to the interviews. Look at the pictures. Read my blog. Check my schedule to see if I’ll be near you. And, please, come again soon!

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